About Us

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Do Good
That's a bold mission coming from a "for-profit" company, and we are dedicated to achieving it. Every day the team at Ignitist works hard to make a positive impact by matching low-income people with better healthcare to help them live their best lives. We are committed to building a virtuous network through partnerships with non-profit groups, insurance carriers and providers who share our passion of improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.
Our team works with our partners to offer policies that best protect the health and financial future of those who need it most. Who are the people we fight for every day? They are the 12+ million Americans who aren't prospering, and they include:
Veterans who bravely served but don't qualify for VA health benefits​
Seniors who struggle economically and qualify for Medicaid​
Disabled Americans on fixed incomes receiving SSI payments​
Ignitist's innovative initiatives reach the most vulnerable populations in their communities. We match these Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible individuals into healthcare plans that can transform their lives. Our approach improves the health of the most vulnerable groups, while lowering the cost of federal government care.