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… and other organizations to Do Good by helping people find the right Medicare plans for their circumstances. But together, we can accomplish even more. Ignitist invites our partners to help us identify new opportunities among the underserved population. It's a powerful combination – your influence and relationships coupled with our matchless expertise. Together, we can Do Good by helping the millions of Americans with inadequate healthcare obtain insurance coverage that can change their lives.
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Medicare is complicated. There are hundreds of different plans, and the choice depends upon an individual's unique circumstances – their health status, where they live, disabilities, the prescriptions they take. And that's just the beginning. We Do Good by guiding people through the choices to find the right one for them.
Organizations that select Ignitist to help their members and employees will benefit from:
Marketing Expertise
Co-branded marketing creative
Increased Brand Awareness
Positive reinforcement of their brand and the value of their relationship
Expanded Market Share
Expanded product offering with national availability
Informed Decisions
Timely, comprehensive reporting
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Strengthen your relationships, increase your bottom line and help bring quality healthcare to those who need it most.
By focusing exclusively on Medicare-related plans, Ignitist's staff of professional agents sets the industry standard for conversions – meaning the people important to you will have the right coverage the first time.
Let's Do Good together!