About Us

We came together to provide the broadest range of life and health insurance solutions possible to the emerging senior market. The new senior may not be a digital native, but they are digital savvy have spent the past twenty years using the internet for information, commerce and entertainment.

We also came together to break down the barriers in insurance distribution that exist between the senior health and life markets. It has always been the case that seniors seek to solve their health needs first. The distributor who can meet that need opens the door to providing other vital senior age financial products such as life insurance, hospital indemnity, dental, vision, travel health and much more.

Building the distribution platform necessary to serve the needs of the senior market will ultimately give Ignitist the clout required to drive much needed changes in the rest of the insurance industry. We know that there are several under-served markets for whom traditional insurance marketing simply isn’t reaching and we want to do everything we can to make insurance both inclusive and accessible.

At Ignitist, we believe that life and health insurance are societal needs.  Our mission is to help make insurance as affordable and accessible as possible across all markets.

We pride ourselves on being experts at INSURANCE MARKETING and PRODUCT SALES & DISTRIBUTION. It’s been the focus of many of our careers and what we’ve excelled at. When it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team of more seasoned veterans in the insurance industry.

Our Mission

Simply put, life and health insurance are necessities. They provide the foundation for a stable financial future for consumers and their families.

Having been in the insurance industry for so many years, we have witnessed first-hand how insurance is made difficult to obtain for certain segments of the population—particularly the middle market and lower middle market consumer. We realized we could help people get insurance who may have found it difficult (or EXPENSIVE). That’s why we founded Ignitist.

Our mission is to improve the accessibility and ultimately the affordability of life and health insurance products. We are working to create a virtuous cycle whereby the more consumers we help, the more we can convince insurance carriers to develop more of the products consumers need to protect their family’s financial future.