Community Partners

Our work with low-income groups shows us that many individuals aren’t taking advantage of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, federal government-initiated health plans designed specifically for them. These health plans offer more extensive benefits to low-income seniors and people receiving Social Security Disability payments than are available through Medicaid or Medicare alone. In many cases eligible people are missing out on thousands of dollars of additional dental, vision, hearing, transportation, and over-the-counter drug benefits. A growing number of plans even offer transportation, in- home care, and meal benefits at no cost to the member.
Dual-eligible individuals are more likely than their Medicare-only counterparts to experience at least one in-patient hospital stay and visit to the emergency room per year. When surveyed, dual-eligible individuals were three times as likely to report that their health was poor, compared to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare only.
Ignitist works with veterans, hunger-relief, and other non-profit organizations to ensure their clients get the health care needed to lead their best lives. These partnerships eliminate the access obstacle, so we can enroll people in health plans offering all the healthcare benefits they deserve. We’ve helped thousands of low-income seniors and disabled individuals to maximize their access to quality healthcare, and we can help your clients too.
We’ve also helped our partner organizations accomplish their missions by providing professional services and financial resources. Our team works to understand your mission, the people that you serve, and how we can best help you both.

Do Good With Us

Is your community organization interested in partnering with Ignitist? Let us know! You can reach out to us at (215) 608-4040 or send us an email using the link below: