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Do Good in the Community

To the hard-working Ignitist team, “Do Good” means caring for vulnerable people the best way we know how – by matching them with better healthcare to help them live their best lives. That being said, we know that life-changing health plans are only a piece of the puzzle. The dual-eligible population shares a lot of struggles, but they’re also very diverse, and no one knows community health needs better than the community. With this in mind, Ignitist makes donations to community-oriented organizations that provide necessary services to low-income and older neighbors in need. Learn more about the community organizations that Ignitist supports!

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Medicaid Unwinding: How Present Struggles Could Pave Future Accessibility

Medicaid unwinding has been a hot topic in the healthcare and insurance world since it began in April. Many states aren’t complying with federal renewal regulations, resulting in millions of Americans being wrongfully disenrolled from Medicaid. This process is shining a spotlight on some of the inherent structural and procedural accessibility issues that currently affect Medicaid and other public assistance programs.

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