What We Do

Member Acquisition

Ignitist deploys data-driven targeting and best-in-breed outreach methods to identify and enroll eligible consumers to Medicare Advantage Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (“DSNPs”) that help them get the healthcare they deserve. Our agents have the technology and the training to accurately assess a potential member’s eligibility and efficiently enroll them in the right plan. We are continually working to find new ways to reach members of this hard-to-reach population. Once we do, we work just as hard to effectively educate them on all that a DSNP can do for them. And because we focus on retaining the member as much as we do acquiring them, you can be sure that the members Ignitist acquires will be members who persist.

Member Conversion

So many of our partner Health Insurers’ existing members are in plans that don’t provide all the benefits that would be available to them if they simply enrolled in another plan available from the Insurer. Whether it’s moving a member from an auto-assigned Prescription Drug Plan to a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (“MAPD”) plan or DSNP, or helping a Medicaid member get more effectively coordinated care, Ignitist has the experience to maximize the effectiveness each conversion program we execute. No other direct-to-consumer distribution platform focuses on these programs the way we do and so none of our competitors can match our level of success.

Call Center Outsourcing

The team at Ignitist has been developing and managing outsourced insurance call center solutions for over thirty years. That experience has given us unique insights into how to develop programs that meet both the needs of our clients and the customers they serve. Just as importantly we’ve learned how to hire, train and retain agents who can do the job — whether that job is helping a consumer enroll in a highly complex healthcare plan, select the travel insurance program that’s right for them or find a healthcare provider that meets their individual needs.

At Ignitist we stress agent retention — a key to developing and maintaining a successful outsourced call center program. We have a higher agent retention rate than any other company of our kind; we’ve achieved this by providing agents best-in-class compensation and benefits and by creating a culture that stresses doing good for others by effectively representing the policies, plans and services our clients offer.

AEP Support

Ignitist will work with you to ensure that each lead produced during the critical Annual Enrollment Period is effectively handled. Ignitist provides overflow enrollment support to both large national players and regional plans helping them to maximize the effectiveness of their AEP marketing programs. Our team can work as a seamless extension of your own providing customized reporting that gives you real-time insights into campaign performance.

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